Rocket League Montage

So this is another assignment this week that I decided to make that is not listed on the assignment bank. This video is a clip montage from some of my gameplay in a popular game called, Rocket League. I lost a lot of clips this year, but still had enough to make a nice video out of.

The clips I have date back to 2019 when I really got into the game. I actually first played this game in 2015, but got more serious about it in 2019 and have been playing constantly since then. I cannot get enough of this game.

Here is the video:

Similar to my other assignments, I used lightworks to combine all of the clips and add the audio track in the background. I used for the music.

This assignment took a while to finalize as I had to download all of the clips and shorten/widen them when necessary.

What I learned from this assignment was more about refining my knowledge of lightworks. I learned more about adjusting each individual clip size and also I learned a little bit more about merging clips and audio together. I found quicker ways to adjust clips and merge them together while also learning little things about lightworks here and there.

This assignment was a lot of fun as I was able to work with something that I love to play.

Thanks for watching!

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