Week 3 Summary

What a fun week. I have never been into writing all that much, but I could feel myself getting into the stories I wrote, even if they are fictional. The daily creates were interesting as well. Check them out below: All my writing assignments and blogs for the week can be found here: http://mtomorgan.com/blog/category/week-3/ I really enjoyed creating these stories […]

Another Perfect Day

As I sit on my porch, I am watching the snow blow with the breeze. The slight changes in the direction and power of which the snow blows intrigues me. The flakes themselves are massive, indicating the temperature must be at or above freezing. The grass peaks ever so slightly above the snow and is immobile under the weight of […]

Part of My 2020 Story

I love this picture because it was my very first time in Colorado after dreaming for years to go there and ski. It was a great trip all the way up until the last day we were there. I ended up severely breaking my leg that required surgery. I now have a titanium rod and screws the length of my […]

Week 1 Summary

As we are just getting started, I have mainly just followed the steps to getting this blog up and running. I have created soundcloud, youtube/google, instagram, and twitter accounts to post my creations with. One problem I ran into is that wordpress does not embed instagram links so I think I will make the switch to flickr and see if […]

(Y)our Story

I think this theme can be used now more than ever. As we are in uncertain times right now, sharing and listening to everyone’s stories will hopefully inspire others to push through and come out the other side a brighter person. 2020 was a rough year for me as I lost relatives, had a severe broken leg, and it was […]

Week 5 Summary

This was quite a fun week. Between all of the assignments and daily creates, it adds up to a lot of fun. What I liked about this week was I got to experience something I have never experienced before in audio editing. My daily creates are below: All of my assignments and blogs for the week can be found here: […]

My Thoughts On DS106 Radio

I love the idea of a radio show. This will help us learn more about using sounds to convey a story. I think that the idea of using sound rather than text is lost in todays world and it would be fun to try and revive some of the old ways of using sound to tell stories. What I would […]

You Paint the Picture

This was an exciting assignment for me. I have never done any audio editing whatsoever before so this was fun to dive into. I decided to make a slightly scary story using only sounds from https://freesound.org/. Hope you enjoy and do not forget to comment!

Pleasant Sounds This Time!

After doing the disgusting sounds and combining them like here: I decided to do another assignment where I could combine pleasant sounds instead! Check it out here: Hopefully after listening to the awful sounds in the other one, this one will calm you and come off as more peaceful.

Radio Bumper

Fairly simple radio bumper here for the new radio station, DS106. Hopefully someday soon I will be able to join the show and talk a little bit about myself or maybe even tell a story of some kind. Anyways, thanks for listening!

How Does Sound Drive Stories?

Stories would be nothing without sound. Stories have been told over and over again, each time the story teller uses their own unique sound to potentially paint a different picture than the previous story teller. This could contribute to how stories are changed over time. Even if people say the same words, each person can tell a story differently by […]

Week 4 Summary

Wow what a week. I have not experienced too much of photoshop before but I sure did this week! All my daily creates can be found below: All my assignments and blogs for the week can be found at this link: http://mtomorgan.com/blog/category/week-4/ Overall, I learned a good bit about some of the visual editing software out there. I personally really […]

Grumpy Cat

Above is my photo of a cat with a Shakespeare quote to go with it. As soon as I saw this quote I thought of the grumpy cat memes and it fits really well. I edited the photo on Canva to add the quote.

Golf Camp!

Above is my fun little golf camp poster. I made it on Canva using a simple template and it turned out to be fun. My mom and I have really got into golfing and I wish I would have started earlier. Its a fun and relaxing way to get out of the house and still maintain some sort of social […]